Supply of Capable, off-Road Vehicles Diesel Fuel

23rd Sep 2019

Quality Assurance and Inspection Services of 805 Metric Tonnes of Pen Fattening Cattle Stock Feed and 1998MT of CAN and Compound D NPK Fertilizers

1st Oct 2019

Procurement Of Laptops And Other Ict Equipment For The Pac & Pbo

30th Sep 2019

Supply and Delivery of Caustic Soda Flake

24th Sep 2019

Supply and Delivery of Green Bar

26th Sep 2019

Supply and Delivery of Cabins Construction Materials

3rd Oct 2019

Supply and Delivery of Salt Coarse Number 1 or Number 2

24th Sep 2019

Supply and Delivery of Lifebouy

26th Sep 2019

Printing of Limitation Access, Vehicle Log Book and Generation Logbook

24th Sep 2019

Pabx Bi-Annual Maintenance:

22nd Oct 2019

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