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ZimbabweTenders provides latest updates on tenders from Printing and Publishing. The information is collected from various sources like: Purchaser's websites, News papers and other Zimbabwe Government Tenders sites.
Subscriber can view and download unlimited number of public tenders, published by various agencies of Zimbabwe Government in Printing and Publishing sector.

Printing of Data Collection Booklets

3rd Jun 2020

Printing and Publication of Zimbabwe Law Reports

11th Jun 2020

Origination ,Design and Printing Services

22nd May 2020

Provision of Photography & Videography Services

13th May 2020

Design, Layout, Printing and Delivery of Banners

14th May 2020

Funding and Deployment of Wireless Broadband under Private/ Public Partnership (Ppp)

7th May 2020

Supply of Printing

4th May 2020

Supply of Catering and Decor Services

4th May 2020

Supply and Delivery of Text Books

8th May 2020

Supply of Printing and Stationery

3rd Apr 2020

Promotional and Printing Services

3rd Apr 2020

Printing & Photocopying Services

3rd Apr 2020

Events Management, Catering and Hiring Services

30th Apr 2020

Printing, Laminating and Binding Services

30th Apr 2020

Printing and Photocopying Services

27th Mar 2020

Debt Collection Services

2nd Apr 2020

Audit, Tax Advisory, Legal Advice and Debt Collection Services

31st Mar 2020

Events Hiring Service

2nd Apr 2020

Photography and Videography

2nd Apr 2020

Provision of Debt Collection Services

20th Mar 2020