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Search the latest and newest Tenders from Zimbabwe via our website. Accurate information into various categories or sectors including construction, real estate, agriculture, and IT services. Publish Tenders is a platform that helps companies to publish their tenders online. It has an easy and intuitive interface that helps companies to manage their tenders, track responses and generate reports. Tenders are a great way of getting information on the latest tenders in your industry. This can help you to stay updated with the latest news and trends in your field.

Why Publish On ZimbabweTenders

Superior Approach, High ROI

Being a specific portal for Public Procurement Information, tenders published on ZimbabweTenders , gets focused publicity globally. Tenders are also published on different sections in the portal and sent to relevant suppliers in the database.

With e-publishing of tenders on the rise, this tenders portal will help you secure tenders easy & fast

Very Economical

Unlike newspaper publishing, tenders published on ZimbabweTenders are very cost effective. The best part is that you can advertise tenders in less than 1/10 th of the cost for the advert is live till the deadline.

Unlike News Papers where the life is only one day and is limited to one city.

Instantaneous Global Reach

Tenders are very time sensitive; hence you would like to give enough time to your bidders. No need to prepare the costly art work and no waiting period. Just one click of the mouse and your tender advertisement is published globally.

With e-publishing of tenders on the rise, this tenders portal will help you secure tenders easy & fast

ZimbabweTenders is a platform that provides the ability to publish government tenders and other public notices. The platform is accessible to all Zimbabwean citizens and businesses.

Other Benefits

Online tender publishing is a proactive approach, unlike newspaper publishing which is a reactive pproach. Facility to post Corrigendum /Addendum, no limitation on size of the notice and provision to upload soft copy of tender document/TOR and MIS etc are the other benefits.

Unlike News Papers where the life is only one day and is limited to one city.

Publishing on ZimbabweTenders can be done through uploading documents, using their online editor or by linking to a PDF of the document. Other options include publishing a notice by email or publishing on their website.

Easy 3 Step Process

Step 1

Choose a plan for your publish tender.

Step 2

Contact and send your tender infomation which you want to publish globaly.

Step 3

Congratulations your tender publish globaly successfully.

Our USP on ZimbabweTenders

Targeted Reach

  • Database of More than 3 Million suppliers from across the Globe
  • Monthly Traffic of 100,000 Unique visitors
  • Proactive approach to send your requirement to targeted audience
  • Promotion through other channels like: Blogs, Forum and Bulk Email

Most Comprehensive Database

  • Daily tracking of 100,000+ purchasers
  • Daily scanning of 500+ News papers
  • Daily addition of 28,000+ Tenders, Projects, Contract Awards and News
  • Translation of tender notices published in other languages to English

Other Benefits

  • Facility to Post Corrigendum/Addendum
  • No limitation on Tender Notice size
  • Provision to upload Soft Copy of Tender Document/TOR
  • MIS with archival data

Choose Package Which Suits You

  • Publish or advertise a Single Tender in a Category of your choice
  • Basic package is suitable for Small to Mid Size Contractors
  • Premium package is suitable for Big Contractors who need MIS
  • Get Global reach in all Tender Packages

Choose Your Package & Pricing


$ 99

  • Single Tender
  • Live Till Deadline
  • Global Reach
  • No MIS?
  • Instantaneous
  • Post Contract Award/Yes ?
  • One Time Payment
  • Contact Sales


$ 125/mo

  • 50 Tenders / Year
  • Live Till Deadline
  • Global Reach
  • No MIS?
  • Instantaneous
  • Post Contract Award/No?
  • Yearly Payment
  • Contact Sales


$ 250/mo

  • Unlimited Tenders
  • Live Till Deadline
  • Global Reach
  • MIS?
  • Instantaneous
  • Post Contract Award/Yes?
  • Yearly Payment
  • Contact Sales

100% Secure Payments

Publish Tenders Globally

All major Credit and Debit cards accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can publish Tenders on ZimbabweTenders?

Any entity/organization can publish its tenders on ZimbabweTenders. We are committed to bringing transparency and efficiency in Public Procurement domain, and we believe that the first step to achieve this objective is to make the procurement opportunities available to a larger supplier base and giving them sufficient time to respond.

Apart from Government organization, we encourage private organizations as well, to take advantage of this platform and improve the efficiency of their procurement function. This also answers the question of where to publish tender.

What are the Advantages of Publishing Tenders on ZimbabweTenders?

There are multiple advantages of publishing tenders on ZimbabweTenders. Few of them are targeted reach, instantaneous global reach, superior returns, most comprehensive database, more competition and hence better procurement.

There are different Packages available for Publishing Tenders. New traders can begin with Single Tender publishing. Global companies should go with the Premium Package.

What are the Charges for Publishing Tenders?

There are 3 Packages: Single Tender, Basic, and Premium package. Different plans are available to meet your requirement to advertise tenders.

What are Payment Options?

ZimbabweTenders provides multiple payment options like SWIFT transfer, Bank transfer, NEFT, PayPal and through Credit or Debit Card payment.

Do you have a Specific Requirement?

If you have any specific requirement of publishing tenders, please send us an email at: Or call us at: +91-9152155862 / +91-9820540407.

How to Start Advertising My Tenders?

To start advertising your Tenders globally, click here.

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